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  • Changes to your CNWHS Board
    Dick Wilson has resigned
    Dave Mikelson is now President
    Dave Phillips and Bill Wimmer have been appointed Directors to file vacancies.

In the Third 2014 Issue of North Western Lines...

2014 #3 North Western Lines, In this issue:
Special Photo Section Streamliners in Spencer
C&NWHS 2014 Annual Meet Highlights
The North Western's Original Geeps Part 6 The Class of 1957: 1725-1756 by Raymond M. Jorgensen
H-6 Versus Feed Valve- Rinning on the L&M Subdivision by Charles L. Voyles
Passenger train 109 Collides With Steer by Jerry Penry
Tracing C&NW's Audubon/Harlan Branch A Glimpse of Carroll and Exploration of the Old Iowa Southwestern by Nick Schumacker

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