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Introducing the CNWHS Modeler!
The CNWHS Modeler is a PDF magazine which may be enjoyed digitally or in print. The magazine will be produced several times a year, modeling stories are welcome. Please send questions, comments, corrections, and additions to

Download (6MB/PDF)
In Vol. 10 Issue 3:
  • Building a 1970s Grain Boxcar Fleet Part 8
  • Repair-in-Place, RIP Track
  • Ridgeway, Wisconsin: The Restored Depot and Caboose
  • Model Railroad Layouts by: Don Drum • Dan Vandermause • Clark Propst • Gene Wheeler • Ron Christensen

Download (6MB/PDF)
In Vol. 10 Issue 2:
  • Building the Tama Depot
  • Building a 1970s Grain Boxcar Fleet Part 7 - Modeling Former CGW Cars
  • Essential Businesses Part 8 - Junk & Salvage Yards
  • Chicago & North Western Pride Gondolas
  • Freight House Photos From the CNWHS Archive
  • CGW Caboose Information

Download (6MB/PDF)
In Vol. 10 Issue 1:
  • Building a 1970s Grain Boxcar Fleet: Part 6 Modeling Former M&StL Cars
  • Essential Businesses: Part 7 LPG Dealers
  • High Pressure Tank Cars
  • Ammonia and the Railroads
  • From the CNWHS Archives
  • C&NW Grain Covered Hoppers in S Scale

Volumes 1 through 9 are available through the CNWHS online store.

Modeling News
  • covered hopper - Kurt Hayek has again led the way to a CNWHS model with accurate lettering.
    His first project was the Bicentennial C&NW coal hopper.
    Now it is CNW’s 3987-4141 series “billboard” PS-2 “covered hoppers.
    The cars should be available in April.

  • HO FtDDM&S & DM&CI Two Sheet Microscale Decal Set -Version 3 – 2012 - This two sheet decal lettering set covers the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern and Des Moines & Central Iowa locomotives (Diesel and steam), cabooses, and selected rolling stock. A colored multi page instruction sheet with images and more information is included.

    The HO FtDDM&S & DM&CI two sheet decal set is $12.00 plus $2.00 for packaging and mailing in the U.S. For more information and ordering please contact me, John Harker, P.O. Box 703, Ames, Iowa, 50010, phone: 515-520-7400, email:

  • Vilas County Lumber Co. - Vilas County Lumber Co.
    CMO model railroad structure plan-sets designed in CAD

  • Rio Grande Models 1/3/15 - Looking for unique parts here is a link to Rio Grande Models 1/3/15

  • HRM Laser Models - HRM Laser Models maker of laser cut wood buildings

  • Yarmouth Model Works - Yarmouth Model Works, they have some very nice detail parts

  • CNW Model Railroad Plan Set by Vilas County Lumber Company - CNW Model Railroad Plan Set by Vilas County Lumber Company

  • Union Station HO passenger car sides - Passenger cars sides in HO by Union station

  • Engine House Services - CNW #2 depot, laser cut kit

  • Scale Reproductions - Ballast Ground Cover Details Decals Trees

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