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Introducing the CNWHS Modeler!
The CNWHS Modeler is a PDF magazine which may be enjoyed digitally or in print. The magazine will be produced several times a year, modeling stories are welcome. Please send questions, comments, corrections, and additions to

Download (8MB/PDF)
In Vol. 9 Issue 3:
  • Scratchbuilding a C&NW Northern Star Station Office
  • Essential Businesses Part 6 Coal Dealers
  • L.C.L. Operations Part II: The Freight House Operations
  • Back Shop Question and Answer
  • Presentation Car 422 Modeling Scenes By Our Contributors

Download (5MB/PDF)
In Vol. 9 Issue 2:
  • Minneapolis and St Louis, Winthrop Roundhouse
  • CGW X29 Hide Car
  • Essential Businesses Lumber Yards - Part 5
  • Pickle Salting Stations
  • L.C.L. Operations Part II
  • Cars Received and Forwarded on the Minneapolis and St. Louis Division of the C&NW: Part 2

Download (3.8MB/PDF)
In Vol. 9 Issue 1:
  • Modeling C&NW 800 Series Coaches in S Scale
  • The Des Moines & Central Iowa: A Capsule History
  • Essential Businesses-Part 4: Oil Distributors
  • Building a 1970s Grain Boxcar Fleet – Part 5
  • Building an O scale Steam Engine
  • Cars Received and Forwarded on the Minneapolis and St. Louis Division of the C&NW

Download (5.7MB/PDF)
In Vol. 8 Issue 3:
  • C&NW Spent Grain Boxcar
  • Gogebic Range Lines Prototype
  • Diamond Depots
  • Essential Businesses Part 3
  • “The Potato Yard”
  • L.C.L. Operations & Shipments

Download (4.9MB/PDF)
In Vol. 8 Issue 2:
  • The 1941 Pulpwood Flat Racks
  • Deadwood, South Dakota, Station
  • La Vern Andreessen on Stock Movement
  • Minneapolis & St. Louis Switch Engines
  • Essential Businesses Part 2 - Grain Elevators
  • Loading Cattle

Download (4.3MB/PDF)
In Vol. 8 Issue 1:
  • Photo Tips
  • Modeling the Ellsworth Branch
  • C&NW AC&F Diner 6956
  • Railroad Bus Service
  • Stock Pens
  • Crossing Guard Shacks

Volumes 1 through 7 are available through the CNWHS online store.

Modeling News
  • Vilas County Lumber Co. - Vilas County Lumber Co.
    CMO model railroad structure plan-sets designed in CAD

  • Rio Grande Models 1/3/15 - Looking for unique parts here is a link to Rio Grande Models 1/3/15

  • HRM Laser Models - HRM Laser Models maker of laser cut wood buildings

  • Yarmouth Model Works - Yarmouth Model Works, they have some very nice detail parts

  • CNW Model Railroad Plan Set by Vilas County Lumber Company - CNW Model Railroad Plan Set by Vilas County Lumber Company

  • New M&STL decal 11/15/13 - New M&STL decal for the black open hopper, from Mask Island Decals. Watch for new releases 11/15/13

  • Union Station HO passenger car sides - Passenger cars sides in HO by Union station

  • Sunset Models O scale H-1 - Sunset Models O scale H-1 in stock.

  • Scale model works, a new modeling company making loads 8/4/13 - Scale model works, a new modeling company making loads 8/4/13

  • Accurail home page, maker of many CNWHS cars - Accurail home page, maker of many CNWHS cars

  • ExactRail - HO cars in the C&NW family

  • Trainworx. - N scale CGW trailers by Trainworx.

  • Blueford Shops - Blueford Shops new CGW transfer caboose

  • M&StL Diesel decals - a new, revised set of Microscale decals for the MINNEAPOLIS & St LOUIS RED DIESELS. The new set has been totally revised to include appropriate numbers (including numberboard numbers) for the F units, GP's, RS-1's and SD-7's all in the appropriate sizes. We also eliminated the overlay required in the old set and now have the "MINNIAPOLIS & St LOUIS" as see thru within the white stripes. I believe you can now do 2 units of all locomotive types out of one set. The pilot safety stripes on the GP's can be a pain so there is now 6 in the set in case you mess one up. The sets can be ordered from John Harker, PO Box 703, Ames, Iowa 50010 at $7 per set with $1.25 shipping. Combined shipping is available for multiple orders. Dealer inquiries are welcome. Call John with questions at 515-520-7400.
    we are planning a revised run of the FtDDM&S decals in HO scale which will include more freight car possibilities and a reefer. There will be lettering to do 2 additional DMCI boxcars, 1 additional FtDDM&S boxcar and a FtDDM&S wood reefer. They will be available in about a month from John Harler and myself. Still a double sheet set with a new colored insert page at $12 plus shipping. Inquiries can be directed to my email, or John's, .

  • Engine House Services - CNW #2 depot, laser cut kit

  • Mullet River Model Works - Mullet River has a line of CNW/CMO buildings and car kits.

  • Lake Junction Models - Lake Junction Models feature laser cut wood C&NW structures

  • Tomar Industries - Passenger car drumheads

  • Depots by John - C&NW buildings and parts

  • Scale Reproductions - Ballast Ground Cover Details Decals Trees

  • FDDM&S decals - Fort Dodge Des Moines and Southern decals can still be purchased from Bluff Creek Trains
    The sets contain 2 decal sheets per set with color inserts.
    The HO sets remaining are still $12
    The N sets are $10.
    plus $1.25 shipping
    Fort Dodge Line decals O, HO, and N scales availible $18.50, $12.00, $10.00 per set in order. Add $1.95 per order shipping for up to 4 sets. Bluff Creek Trains Box 35 Pilot Mound, Iowa 50223

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