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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Reports Sharply Higher Earnings Last Quarter 1988The North Western DispatchSpring 19897
CNW Required to Buy Out 514 Brakeman Positions at $50k 1988The North Western DispatchSpring 198913
CNW Receives Performance Aware from Cargill Incorporated 1989The North Western DispatchSpring 198913
CNW Chicago - Council Bluff ITCUS Train Service Restored 1988The North Western DispatchWinter 198810
CNW Reports Income for 3rd Quarter 1987The North Western DispatchWinter 198813
CNW Completes Conversion of 188 Jumbo Covered Hoppers 1988The North Western DispatchFall 197513
CNW Contracts with MAERSK Lines for Movement of Stack Trains Tacoma to Chicago 1987The North Western DispatchSpring 198814 - 25
CNW New Vice-president Arthur W. Peters 1988The North Western DispatchSpring 198814
CNW Places New Blue Earth River Bridge Minnesota In Service 1988The North Western DispatchSpring 198814
CNW Employees Assist in Nabbing Murder Suspect June 1987The North Western DispatchFall 19878
CNW Clinton Car Shops Reopen 1987The North Western DispatchFall 198711
CNW Implements Estimated Time of Arrival Car Scheduling System 1994The North Western DispatchSummer 199418
CNW Wins Harriman Silver Medal [Safety Performance] for 4 Consectutive Years 1990 - 1993The North Western DispatchFall 199411
NHRS Eastern Nebraska Chapter Attempts Purchase of CNW West Point Subdivision Fremont to Norfolk Nebraska 1986The Mixed Train / Michael BartelsWinter 198612
CNW & Other Mid-western RRs Operational Problems After September 1992 Heavy RainsThe Mixed Train / Dave Kroeger / Bob Stein / Bruno Berzins / Michael M. BartelsWinter 199317

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