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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive 4-6-2 Pacific #1650 Photo @ Council Bluffs Depot 1940'sCNWHS Collection1 201522
CNW Roundhouse Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1992George Cockle photo1 201522
CNW Locomotive Class E-2 4-6-2 Pacific #2904 Photo @ Service Facilities Council Bluff Iowa 1940'sCNWHS Collection1 201523
CNW Turntable Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1986George Cockle photo1 201523
The Coming of Railway Bus Service : Part IIRIchard Steffen1 201524 - 37
Interstate Transit Bus Company White 1929 Model 54 Bus Photo No Location No DateRichard Steffen collection1 201524
Interstate Transit Bus Company Schedule Advertisement 1937Richard Steffen collection1 201525
CNW [Princeton and North Western] Railroad Locomotive #1400 Stopped at Princeton Wisconsin Depot 1924?Richard Steffen collection1 201525
Interstate Transit Bus Company White 1929 Model 54 Bus Photo No Location No Date #410Richard Steffen collection1 201526
Northland Transportation Company Fageol Motor Company Safety Coach Photo Hibbing Minnesota 1922Richard Steffen collection1 201526
CNW Stages 25 Passenger Bus Interior View No Location No DateCNWHS collection1 201527
CNW Stages 25 Passenger Bus Exterior View No Location No DateCNWHS collection1 201527
Tobie's Cafe Beanery Servicing Railroad Bus Lines Hinckley Minnesota 1950'sRichard Steffen collection1 201528
Railroad Map of Central Mid-West Depicting Multitude of Rail Lines in Existence 1936Richard Steffen collection1 201528
Union Pacific Stage White Motor Bus #456 Photo No Location 1933Richard Steffen collection1 201529

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