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Article Author Issue Page(s)
STB Releases Report on DM&E Right of Way Extension south Dakota to Wyoming Coal Fields 2002 Keith Nuttbrock / Ron BarberWinter 200241 - 42
STB Exempts Sale of ex- CNW Wausau - Kelly - Schofield Wisconsin Right of Way 1997Michael M. BartelsSummer 199713
STB Exempts Sale of ex- CNW Hayward to Hayward Junction Wisconsin Right of Way 1997Michael M. BartelsSummer 199712 - 13
STB Authorizes UP Trackage Rights on EJ&E Track: Joliet Illinois Thru West Chicago to Waukegan Illinois 2000Joel Lircher / The Brass SwitchkeySpring 200011
Status of WSOR's Plymouth to Kohler Wisconsin Trackage InformationNoah Hofrichter / Thomas Williams - North Western Newsliner3 20095
Status of ex-CNW EMD Geeps July 1997North Western News / Don SchroederFall 199711
Status of CNW Facilities Winona Minnesota 1981Don RiceJanuary 198139
Status of CNW - CGW - M&StL Pullman-Standard 2-Bay Covered Hopper CarsMichael Sitter / Ray JorgensenWinter 199610
State of South Dakota Acquires 764 Miles of CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Right of Way in State 1981Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198144
State of Nebraska Fails to Find FInancial Support for Maintenance of Cowboy Recreational Trail [ ex- CNW COwboy Line ] 1996Jim Seacrest / Michael M. BartelsWinter 199620
State of Nebraska Considering Purchase of Norfolk to Chadron Cowboy Line Right of Way 1991Jim Seacrest / Michael M. BartelsSpring 199115
State of Illinois to Subsidize Chicago to Rockford AMTRAK Service over ex- CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Trackage and UPY's Belvidere SubDivision by Late 2014Frank Bradley / Mike Schafer / North Western News3 20145
State Centre Iowa Plat Map Depicting Wye No DateM&StLRR Map / CNWHS ArchivesFall 200452
State Centre IowaJoe PiersenFall 200446 - 59
Standard EMD SD 40 Locomotive Control Stand [CGW #408] Photo No Location 1967Joe Piersen photoSummer 200343

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