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Article Author Issue Page(s)
South Dakota Farmer Harvesting Wheat Photo 1900?Rick Mills collectionWinter 199752
South Dakota DOT Approves Funding for Rapid CIty Pierre & Eastern RR Upgrading Projects 2014Matt Luebeck / North Western News1 20159
Source of Photographs of the CNW Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 Baby Trainmaster LocomotiveRon ChristensenSpring 198942
Source of a CNW Track Plan Map for Baraboo WisconsinGary Marquardt - Mark Carlson / John Schwenn / Gordon SchmidtSummer 19938
Source for Image of M&StL RR Wood Side Refrigerator CarRIchard Bradley / Pat MurphySummer 199511
Soo Line [Osceola & St Croix RR] Locomotive EMD GP9 #559 Photo Osceola Wisconsin 2004Charles Kuehn photoFall 200422
Soo Line [Osceola & St Croix RR] Locomotive EMD GP9 #559 Photo Cedar Bend Drawbridge Wisconsin 2004Charles Kuehn photoFall 200422
Soo Line [Canadian Pacific] RR Locomotive EMD SD60 #6026 Photo Leading Grain Train Black Hawk South Dakota 2012Rick Mills photo3 201544
Soo Line to Switch Papermills in Kimberly Wisconsin 1983Michael W. BlaszakFall 198352
Soo Line Seeks Trackage Rights to Mid-Tec Papermill in Kimberly Wisconsin 1983Michael W. BlaszakSpring 198351
Soo Line RR Uses CNW Trackage Mason City to Clinton Iowa 1988The Mixed TrainFall 198813
Soo Line RR to Serve Former Rhinelander Customers of CNW 1982Michael W. BlaszakSummer 198222
Soo Line RR Locomotive Class B-4 0-6-0 Switcher #346 Acquired by Shop Services Company 1990Mike LiebenowSummer 199021
Soo Line RR Locomotive 2-8-2 Mikado #3005 Photo @ Sand Tower Marshfield Wisconsin 1951Bob Lotz photoSpring 198633
Soo Line RR Locomotive #4422 Photo Leading TOFC Unit Train Clinton Iowa 1989Joe Piersen photoSpring 199378

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