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Article Author Issue Page(s)
The Galena & Chicago Union RR - A Symbol of Chicago's Economic Growth Book by Patrick E. McClear 1980Terry Timm reviewerSummer 198223
Chicago Great Western : Iowa in the Merger Decade Book by Phillip R. HastingsTerry Timm reviewerJanuary 198145
Model Railroader Cyclopedia by Bob Hayden Book - Kalmbach PublishingTerry Timm reviewerJanuary 198145 - 46
The Railroad Mergers & the Coming of Conrail Book by Richard SaundersTerry Timm reviewerJanuary 198146
Diesel Spotter's Guide Update Book by Jerry Pinkepank & Louis A. Marre : Kalmbach Publishing CompanyTerry Timm reviewerApril 198033
CNW Alco Diesel Locomotives in Set of 36 Slides by Paul Orlow SlidesTerry Timm reviewerJuly 197828
Structures Adjacent to CNW Right of Way Photo Clearwater Nebraska 1953Terry Timm photoSummer 198812
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6840 Photo Leading Unit Coal Train Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin 1980Terry Timm photoOctober 198036
CNW Boxcar #68002 [ex- Express Boxcar] Photo Fitted w/ Roof Hatches to Receive Aluminum Chips Kenosha [American Motors Corporation] Wisconsin 1978Terry Timm photoApril 1978Inside Rear Cover
CNW Initiates Milwaukee to Wauakegan "Waukegan Turn" Job 1979Terry Timm / Mike PatrickOctober 197937
CNW Maintenance of Way Equipment Paint Schemes 1975Terry Timm / Michael BlaszakApril 19752
CNW Announces Produce Traffic Increased by 33% First 5 Months of 1979Terry Timm / Kevin PennerOctober 198036
Railway Transfer Company of Minneapolis DataTerry Timm / John TimmWinter 198211
CNW Waxdale Tower - Gone But Not Forgotten : C&NW - Milw CrossingTerry Timm / Jeff KneipperJuly 198014 - 18
Erata re: Winter 1982 Page 35 Photo '400' @ Fond du LacTerry TimmWinter 19842

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