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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Fox River Valley RR [ CNW ] Locomotive EMD GP9 #4505 Photo Oshkosh Wisconsin 1988Bob Baker photoWinter 19898
Fox River Valley RR [ CNW ] Locomotive EMD GP30 #814 Photo Appleton Wisconsin 1988Bob Baker photoWinter 19898
Northern Rail Car Company Facility Interior View Photo 1989Bob Baker photoSummer 198810
Wisconsin Electric Power Company Locomotive EMD SW1000 Remote Controlled Unit Photo Milwaukee Wisconsin Area 1988Bob Baker photoSummer 19889
CNW Mitchell Yard Photo Milwaukee Wisconsin 1987Bob Baker photoSpring 198818
CNW Locomotive EMD GP15 Photo @ Green Spur Milwaukee Wisconsin 1986Bob Baker photoSpring 198818
CNW Train DWBRA Photo Butler Wisconsin 1987Bob Baker photoSpring 198819
CNW Butler Yard Panoramic Photo 1986Bob Baker photoSpring 198820
CNW Locomotives @ Butler Yard Service Facilitly 1987Bob Baker photoSpring 198821
CNW Train Photo Wiscona Tower Milwaukee Wisconsin No DateBob Baker photoSpring 198821
CNW Locomotive EMD SD50 #7023 Photo Leading Unit Coal Train Powder River Basin Wyoming 1986Bob Baker photoSpring 198739
CNW Water Tank Photo Lusk Wyoming 1986Bob Baker photoSpring 198740
CNW Depot Photo Lusk Wyoming 1986Bob Baker photoSpring 198741
CNW Facilities Photo Bill Wyoming 1986Bob Baker photoSpring 198743
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #401 Leading CNW Executive Business Train Eau Claire Wisconsin 1986Bob Baker photoWinter 198610

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