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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Depot Manitowoc Wisconsin Severely Damaged by Fire 1981Terry TimmSummer 198129
CNW Sells Elroy Wisconsin Depot 1981Terry TimmSummer 198129
ex- CStPM&O Eau Claire to Hudson Wisconsin Slated for Welded Rail Installation 1979Terry TimmOctober 197936
CNW Places Booster Units [Slugs] Out of Service in Cedar Lake Minnesota 1979Terry TimmJuly 197928
A Most Unusual BoxcarTerry TimmApril 1978Inside Rear Cover
CNW to Serve Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin Wisconsin Electric Power Plant via New Spur 1977Terry TimmJanuary 19774
CNW Sells its Forest County Wisconsin Mineral Rights to Exxon Corporation for $320,000 1977Terry TimmJanuary 19774
CNW Files to Abandon Rogers Spur Kenosha Wisconsin 1976Terry TimmOctober 19762
CNW Power Assignments Kenosha Wisconsin 1976Terry TimmApril 19763
CNW Operates Unit Coal Train Chicago to Oak Creek Wisconsin w/ Louisville & Nashville caboses Way Cars 1976Terry TimmApril 197616
CNW Alco Locomotives C-628 Return to Chicago - Milwaukee Runs 1975Terry TimmApril 19755
CNW Kenosha-area Switching Handled by Fairbanks-Morse H-12-44 Locomotives 1975Terry TimmApril 19755
CNW Kenosha - Based Fairbanks-Morse H-12-44 Switching Locomotives Replaced by EMD GP7's 1975Terry TimmOctober 197516
Ex- CNW Overland Route Club Cars [#553 & #555] Rebuilt by Auto-Liner Company Omaha Nebraska 1975Terry TimmOctober 197516
CNW Files to Abandon 20.8 Mile-long Dike to Kesley Iowa Right of Way 1975Terry TimmOctober 197517

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