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CNW Locomotive EMD SD40 #6866 Photo Leading Unit Grain Train Boone Iowa 1984Bob Baker photoSpring 198538
CNW Locomotives Alco C-628 Crossing Escanaba River Whipple Truss Bridge 1963Bob Baker photoWinter 198417
CNW Locomotive Alco C-628 #6723 Photo Crossing Oconto River Bridge Oconto Wisconsin 1963Bob Baker photoWinter 198418
CNW Locomotive Alco C-628 #6704 Photo Leading Ore Train Escanaba Michigan 1983Bob Baker photoWinter 198420
CNW Kenosha Line Dispatch Office Interior Photo w/ John Miller Operator 1984Bob Baker photoSpring 1984Front Cover
CNW Adams Line Dispatcher Office Interior Photo w/ Lauren Bockin 1964Bob Baker photoSpring 19846
CNW Locomotives EMD F7A #402 & #403 Photo Leading Excursion Train Janesville Wisconsin 1983Bob Baker photoFall 19839
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #401 Photo Leading Executive Business Train Racine Wisconsin 1989Bob Baker photoSummer 199576
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #4131 Photo Leading "Granville Job" Freight train Butler Wisconsin 1993Bob Baker photoWinter 199414
CNW Wyeville Tower Photo 1984Bob Baker photo2 201420
AMTRAK Train #6 Photo Crossing Mississippi RIver @ Clinton Iowa Bridge 1993Bob Baker photoFall 1993Front Cover
METRA Locomotive EMD E8A #516 Photo Leading AMTRAK Train #6 State Center Iowa 1993Bob Baker photoFall 199339
METRA Locomotive EMD E8A #516 Photo Leading AMTRAK Train #5 Ashton Illinois 1993Bob Baker photoFall 1993Rear Cover
CNW Tower Photo w/ Attending Freight Train Eau Claire Wisconsin 1989Bob Baker photoSpring 199253
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range RR Locomotive EMD SD9 #153 Photo Leading Freight Train Milwaukee River Bridge Glendale Wisconsin 1992Bob Baker photoSpring 1992Rear Cover

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