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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Auto Transportation Produces Greatest Insurance Loss & Damage Suits 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19795
CNW Acquires 50 85-Ft Mill Gondolas for General Service 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19795
CNW to Save 150,000 Gallons of Fuel by Reducing Idling Speed of EMD SD Locomotives 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19795
CNW Signs Service Contract w/ Procter & Gamble Company 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19795 & 36
CNW Restores 14 More Rooms in its Milwaukee Lodging Facility 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197936
CNW Acquires $6.5 Million Worth of Track Maintenance Equipment for Summer RIght of Way Repairs 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197936
Volume of Perishable Traffic over CNW Trackage Increases Due to Deregulation 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197936
CNW Initiates US Mail Movement Chicago to Boone Iowa 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197936
CNW Posts Net Income of $10.5 Million 2nd Quarter 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197936
CNW Escanaba Ore Dock Sets New Production Record 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197936
ex- CStPM&O Eau Claire to Hudson Wisconsin Slated for Welded Rail Installation 1979Terry TimmOctober 197936
CNWHS Financial Statement 30 April 1979Heritage Accounts, Inc.October 197936
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #205 Leading Freight Train Albert Lea Minnesota 1978Glenn Oestreich photoOctober 197937
Fouled Fuel Causes Delays @ CNW Proviso Illinois Yard 1979Len BeardOctober 197937
CNW Awaits Authority to Abandon Ridge Runner Right of Way West of Klevenville Wisconsin 1979Len BeardOctober 197937

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