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Article Author Issue Page(s)
ex- CNW Bi-Level Commuter Cars See New Life on "Illinois Zephyr" 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19793 - 4
CNW to Provide Additional Commuter Capacity During Re-construction of Edens Expressway 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19794
CNW Motive Power Rebuilding Program to Include 15 EMD GP9 Locomotives 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19794
James Wolfe Faults Regional Transit Authority for Massive Commuter Train Traffic Delays during Snow Storm of January 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19794
CNW Recalls 10 EMD SD45 Locomotives from CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19795
CNW Receives 10 EMD FP45 & SD45 Locomotives from CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY in Return for 10 CNW Locomotive Remaining with that Railway 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19795
CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Will Not Install Automatic Train Control [ATC] on its own Locomotives 1979Jim Scribbins / Ted SchnepfApril 19795
CNW / CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Federally Assisted Rebuild of Main Line Through Iowa to be Double Tracked and to Use Centralized Train Control [CTC] vs. Automatic Train ControlJim Scribbins / Ted SchnepfApril 19795
CNW All-Piggyback 'Falcon' Suspended due to Motive Power Shortage & Declining 'Falcon' Revenues 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19795
CNW Sees Variety of Motive Power Beginning Mid-February 1979Max Marmon / C&NW News / Ron Sims / Bob Vicker / Chicago Tribune newspaoerApril 19795 & 30
CNW Moves Foreign Locomotives to Chrome Crankshaft Company in Chicago 1979Max MarmonApril 197930
CNW Replaces Westinghouse Traction Motors w/ EMD Units on BLW/EMD Road Switchers 1979Max MarmonApril 197930
CNW Schedules New Unit Coal Train Monterey Mine #1 to Madison Illinois 1979Max MarmonApril 197930
CNW's United Transportation Union Receives Temporary Restraining Order Regarding Crew Lay-Over Quarters Butler Wisconsin 1979Bob VickersApril 197930
CNW Marks New Hopper Cars w/ "M&StL RR" Lettering 1979Bob VickersApril 197930

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