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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive EMD GP38-2 #4703 Photo at Sand Tower Esterville Iowa 2000Terry Davis photoSummer 20008 - 13
CNW Turntable Photo Itasca Wisconsin No DateTerry Davis photoSpring 199921
CsStPM&O Depot Photo St James MInnesota No DateTerry Davis photoSummer 199819
Idaho Northern & Pacific RR Locomotive EMD GP38-2 #4510 Photo Mankato Minnesota 1997Terry Davis photoSummer 199710
Minnesota Central RR Locomotive #1616 Photo Arlington Minnesota 1997Terry Davis photoFall 199714
M&STL RR Depot Photo Fairfax Minnesota No DateTerry Davis photoFall 199522
CNW Locomotive SD18 #6630 Photo Leading Freight Train Western Avenue Yard St Paul Minnesota 1996Terry Davis Photo1 201624
CNW Locomotive Alco C-628 #6709 Photo Little Lake Michigan 1986Terry Chiwak photoSummer 200253
CNW Locomotive GE C40-8 #8509 + #8524 + #8539 Photo Shawnee Henry Nebraska 1993Terry Chicwak photoSummer 200413
CNW Locomotive GE C40-8 #8538 Photo w/ Coal Train Reno Wyoming 1990Terry Chicwak photoSummer 200425
CNW Locomotive GE C40-8 #8553 Photo w/ Empty Coal Train West Logan Wyoming 1993Terry Chicwak photoSummer 200432
CNW Locomotives GE C40-8 #8539 + #8509 + #8524 Photo w/ Coal Train Shawnee Wyoming 1993Terry Chicwak photoSummer 200453
CNW Locomotive GE C40-8 #8539 + #8509 Photo w/ Coal Train Alsop Wyoming 1993Terry Chicwak photoSummer 200068 - 69
CNW Locomotive GE C44-9W #8704 Photo w/ Coal Train Spoon Butte Wyoming 1994Terry Chicwak photoSummer 200468 - 69
Eugene Lewis Photo 2011Teri Lewis photo1 20164

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