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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Operating & Terminal Facilities Map Omaha Nebraska & Council Bluffs Iowa 1976Lou SchmitzSpring 198724
CGW Operations Chicago Area 1968 - 1972Al Vanderpoel / John J. WillardSummer 19916
CGW Operations of Chicago District 1968 - 1972 Period Information 1992David Fiore / Joe PiersenWinter 19926
CGW Ore Line Operations in Southeastern MinnesotaBenjamin PenningtonSpring 199670
CGW Original Caboose AssignmentsRex BeachSpring 199832
CGW Overpass Bridge Photo Fort Dodge Iowa 1980James Murphy photo2 200529
CGW Paint Scheme ChangeDon VaughnSummer 200129
CGW Painting and Lettering Scheme Specification SheetDon VaughnSpring 199832
CGW Passenger Car Data Chart & NotesAl VanderpoehlSummer 198547
CGW Passenger Car Details post - WWIIAl VanderpoelSummer 19915
CGW Passenger Lounge Car "Mount Royal" Photo No Location No DateChic Vaughn photo3 200913
CGW Passenger Lounge Car "Orange State" Photo No Location No DateChic Vaughn photo3 200913
CGW Passenger Train @ World War II InformationAl VanderpoelSpring 19918
CGW Passenger Train Photo @ Great Northern Ry Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis - St Paul Minnesota No DateRobert Graham photo1 201323
CGW Pennsylvania X-29 - Design Pullman-built Boxcar #81554 Photo No Location No DateM. P. McMahon photoSummer 199244

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