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Article Author Issue Page(s)
METRA Replaces EMD E Unit Locomotives 1990Bob SteinWinter 199010 - 11
CNW Executive EMD F Unit Locomotives for Sale 1990Bob SteinWinter 199012
CNW Delivers UPY EMD SD60 Wide-Nosed Locomotives 1988Bob SteinSpring 19899
CNW Relocates Right of Way Lombard Illinois 1988Bob SteinWinter 198813
CNW Locomotive Class R-1 # 1385 Repaired in Time to Pull Circus Train Summer 1987Bob SteinFall 19878
AMTRAK Investigates Feasibility of Expanding Chicago to Milwaukee Service to Green BayBob SteinFall 19879
AMTRAK Announces it Will Not Reroute its "California Zephyr" over CNW Chicago to Omaha Trackage 1987Bob SteinFall 19879
CNW Locomotive EMD F7B #411 to Receive Major Prime Mover Repairs 1987Bob SteinSummer 19877
CNW Abandons 5.1 Mile CGW Main Line Lombard to Carol Stream Illinois 1985Bob SteinWinter 198611
CNW Abandons Weber Subdivision Evanston [Canal Tower] to Mayfair [Chicago] 1985Bob SteinWinter 198611
Western Railroad Properties [ CNW Subsidiary ] Acquires 9.5 Miles of BN RR Right of Way Coal Creek Jct to Caballo Junction Wyoming 1986Bob SteinFall 198611
CNW Moves 9 ex-New Jersey Transit RR / Kansas City Southern RR Coaches to Milwaukee Rail Car Company for Conversion to Sleepers 1986Bob SteinFall 198611
CNW Power Stored at Oelwein Iowa Shops 26April1896Bob SteinSummer 198645
CNW EMD F7A #400 Idled at Marshalltown Iowa Shops 1984Bob SteinFall 19849
CNW Oelwein Iowa Shops Release First Modified ex-Conrail SD45 #6500 1983Bob SteinSummer 198312

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