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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Saga of the Rialto Elevator CNW Sign Milwaukee WisconsinPaul SwansonFall 199473 - 74
S & F [ Sheboygan and Fond du Lac ] Railroad Shops BurnedSheboygan Times 1873 / Larry Easton collectionWinter 199943
RTA Unsatisfied with Operation of ex- Chicago Rock Island & Pacific RR Commuter Lines in Chicago 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19805 - 6
RTA to Initiate Capital Improvement Projects Worth $ 14.4 Million [Estimate] 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19762
RTA to Decide on Fate of Former CNW EMD E-Units 1980Max MarmonApril 198032
RTA Locomotive EMD FP40H #163 Photo Leading Commuter Train Canal Tower Evanston Illinois 1983Michael W. Blaszak Photo1 201748 - 49
RTA Locomotive EMD FP40H #158 Leading Commuter Train 'City of Des Plaines' at Canal Interlocking Evanston Illinois 1983Michael W. Blaszak Photo1 201748
RTA Locomotive EMD F40PH #110 'Brainerd' Photo w/ CNW Bi-Level Commuter Coach 1978John S. Kamacher photoApril 19784
RTA Locomotive EMD E8A #519 [ ex- CNW #5022-A ] Photo Leading Commuter Train Canal Street Chicago 1983Michael W. Blaszak Photo1 201736 - 37
RTA Indicates Interest in 12 AMTRAK [ex- CNW] Bi-Level Commuter Cars 1976W. SibleyJanuary 19774
RTA Financial Crisis Remains Unsolved 1981C&NW HappeningsApril 19817
RTA Continues its Commuter Equipment Refurbishing Program Chicago 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19805
RTA Chooses CTA Over CNW to Operate Former CRIP Chicago Commuter Trains 1981Michael W. BlaszakSummer 19814 - 26
RTA Changes Colors of Commuter Equipment 1985Tom KrawczkowskiSummer 198545 - 46
RTA Busses Assist CNW Off-Peak Commuter Train Business to Refurbish Right of Way West Chicago to Geneva Illinois 1979Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19795

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