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CNW Locomotive EMD GP50 #5090 & #5071 Leading Executive Business Train @ Wisconsin River Bridge Dellwood Wisconsin 1990Dennis Hertrich photo2 201418
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6877 Photo Leading Freight Train #482 @ Wisconsin River Bridge Dellwood Wisconsin 1982Thomas Hoffmann photo2 201419
CNW Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #6892 & #6931 Photo in Face to Face Meet Adams Wisconsin 1989Jeff Hampton photo2 201419
CNW Wyeville Tower Photo 1984Bob Baker photo2 201420
CNW Locomotive Servicing Facilities Aerial Photo Adams Wisconsin 1911Mike Patrick collection2 201420
CNW Freight Train Photo Crossing Yellow River Bridge Necedah Wisconsin 1985Thomas Hoffmann photo2 201421
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #401 Photo Leading Short Executive Business Train Wyeville Wisconsin Tower 1984Dennis Hertrich photo / Bob Baker collection2 201421
CNW Track Plan Map Clyman Junction to Wyeville Wisconsin 1917CNW Document / CNWHS Archives2 201422 - 24
CNW Roundhouse Photo Wyeville Wisconsin 1915C. G. Stecher photo / CNWHS collection2 201424
CNW Locomotive EMD E7A #5012-B Photo Leading EMD FP9M & Last Run of Twin Cities '400' 1963Jerry Hilton collection2 201425
CNW Twin Cities '400' Rear View Photo of Rear of Observation Car Wyeville Wisconsin 1962Bob Baker collection2 201425
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #4083-A Photo in Yellow Bow Wave Paint Scheme Leading Freight Train Wyeville Wisconsin No DateBob Baker collection2 201426
CNW Depot and Crossing Tower Photo Wyeville Wisconsin 1914C. G. Stecher photo / CNWHS collection2 201426
CNW Crossing Tower Photo w/ Train Order Signal & Passing Freight Train Wyeville Wisconsin 1982Thomas Hoffmann photo2 201427
CNW Five-Unit Locomotive Lash-up Photo Leading Freight Train onto Altoona - bound Trackage Wyeville Wisconsin 1993Mike Patrick photo2 201427

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