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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW String Diagram Kansas City - De MoinesCNW Document CNWHS Archives2 20096
CGW Styling and Painting Drawing for Flat Car #1CGW Document / CNWHS collectionSummer 200144 - 45
CGW System Map 1947 00CNWHS ArchivesSpring 200224 - 25
CGW System Map 1947 01CGW document / CNWHS ArchivesWinter 200039
CGW System Map : Chicago to Oelwein Iowa 1926WRP collection2 201024
CGW System Map No DatePhil Borleske collectionFall 198824
CGW System Map w/ Bike Trails 1998Rails to TrailsConservancy / Joe Piersen / Paul Swanson / Don VaughnSummer 199824
CGW System TimeTable 1925CGW Document / Don Vaughn collectionSpring 199667
CGW Tank Car #264 Photo Marshalltown Iowa 1991Paul Swanson photoFall 19924
CGW Tank Car #264 Photo w/ Highlighted Lettering Marshalltown Iowa 1991Paul Swanson photoFall 19925
CGW Tank Car Color Code for Paint SchemeKen Secrest / Howard GarnerFall 19925
CGW Target Signal Photo Randolph Minnesota 1981Steve Glischinski photo2 200816
CGW Terminal Facilities Aerial Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1956Council Bluffs Nonpareil photoSpring 198726
CGW Thrall Corporation Bulkhead Flat Car Specification Drawing #666-A No DateCNW Document / Donald A. Vaughn collectlionFall 199721
CGW TimeTable #11-A Minnesota Division 1949Rex C. Beach collectionSpring 199683

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