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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Snowplow #X-38 [#4051] Acquired by Illinois Railway Museum 2012Joe Piersen3 20127
CGW Snowplow and Crew Photo Removing Snow Bellechester Branch Line 1911?Phil Revoir Historical collectionWinter 199253
CGW South Des Moines Yard Photo Des Moines Iowa 1950Don Vaughn collection1 200936
CGW South St Paul State Street Yard Wide Angle Photo No DateA. Robert Johnson photoWinter 1986Front Cover
CGW Southeast Yard Panoramic Photo East Minneapolis Minnesota 1965Dave Mikelson / Pat Perrier photoWinter 200436
CGW Speeder w/ Crew Photo St Charles Minnesota 1925Jim Gensmer collectionWinter 200029
CGW Spreader #X-29 Drawing No DateCourtesy Joe Piersen / Fred Klinger3 200876
CGW Spreader #X-29 Photo Randolph Minnesota 1962Photographer Unknown / Courtesy Joe Piersen / Fred Klinger3 200876
CGW State Street Maintenance Facility Map St Paul Minnesota 1939CGW document / John Gaertner collectlion1 201321
CGW State Street Yard Aerial View Photo St Paul Minnesota 1966John Gaertner photo1 201326
CGW State Street Yard Photo St Paul Minnesota 1952John W. Barriger III National Library Collection3 201722
CGW Steel Box Cars RevisitedRay JorgensenSpring 199347
CGW String Diagram Kansas City - De MoinesCNW Document CNWHS Archives2 20096
CGW Styling and Painting Drawing for Flat Car #1CGW Document / CNWHS collectionSummer 200144 - 45
CGW Switching Yard Photo Hayfield Minnesota No DateJohn W. Barriger III National Library Collection3 201720

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