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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CGW Steel Box Cars RevisitedRay JorgensenSpring 199347
CGW String Diagram Kansas City - De MoinesCNW Document CNWHS Archives2 20096
CGW Styling and Painting Drawing for Flat Car #1CGW Document / CNWHS collectionSummer 200144 - 45
CGW Switching Yard Photo Hayfield Minnesota No DateJohn W. Barriger III National Library Collection3 201720
CGW System Map 1947 00CNWHS ArchivesSpring 200224 - 25
CGW System Map 1947 01CGW document / CNWHS ArchivesWinter 200039
CGW System Map 1963CGW Document / CNWHS Archives Collection3 201720 - 21
CGW System Map : Chicago to Oelwein Iowa 1926WRP collection2 201024
CGW System Map No DatePhil Borleske collectionFall 198824
CGW System Map w/ Bike Trails 1998Rails to TrailsConservancy / Joe Piersen / Paul Swanson / Don VaughnSummer 199824
CGW System TimeTable 1925CGW Document / Don Vaughn collectionSpring 199667
CGW Tank Car #264 Photo Marshalltown Iowa 1991Paul Swanson photoFall 19924
CGW Tank Car #264 Photo w/ Highlighted Lettering Marshalltown Iowa 1991Paul Swanson photoFall 19925
CGW Tank Car Color Code for Paint SchemeKen Secrest / Howard GarnerFall 19925
CGW Target Signal Photo Randolph Minnesota 1981Steve Glischinski photo2 200816

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