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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Depot Photo Carroll Iowa 1990'sNick Schumacher photo3 2014Front Cover & 53
Joe Piersen Obit [???? - 2014]Steve Jessup3 20143
Robert A. Janz Remembered [1933 - 2014] 2014Tom Hemminger & Ray Jorgensen3 20143 - 4
Robert A. Janz Photo Collection Added to CNWHS Archives 2014Steve Jessup3 20144
CNW Locomotive Class R-1 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #951 Photo Leading Passenger Train GLen Ellyn Illinois 1931Robert A. Janz photo3 20144
CNW Locomotive Class E 4-6-2 Pacific #1533 Photo Leading Passenger Train Crystal Lake Illinois No DateRobert A. Janz photo3 20144
CNW Depot & Water Stand Pipe Photo Crystal Lake Illinois No DateRobert A. Janz photo3 20144
CNW Locomotive Class E-1 4-6-2 Pacific Leading Passenger Train Maywood Illinois 1934Robert A. Janz photo3 20144
Commuters De-Training from CNW Commuter Train Clybourne Station Illinois 1959Robert A. Janz photo3 20144
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #6502-A Photo w/ Bow Wave Paint Scheme Chicago 1958Robert A. Janz photo3 20145
Robert A. Janz Relaxing in CNW Way Car Caboose No Location No DateRobert A. Janz collection3 20145
CNW Locomotives GE C44-9W #8646 & #8701 Active in Shuttle Service Winfield Illinois 2014Jeff Carlson / North Western News3 20145
State of Illinois to Subsidize Chicago to Rockford AMTRAK Service over ex- CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Trackage and UPY's Belvidere SubDivision by Late 2014Frank Bradley / Mike Schafer / North Western News3 20145
UPY to Refurbish ex- CNW Right of Way Fox Point to Grafton Wisconsin 2014James Bartlet / Ray Meyer / Stephen Whiting / North Western News3 20147 - 8
UPY to Expand ex- CNW / CMO Yard Altoona Wisconsin 2014Josh Cleary / North Western News3 20148

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