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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Local Grain Elevators Photo Trimont Minnesota 1967Brett N. Aamot photoFall 199021
CNW Trackage Aerial View Photo Butterfield Minnesota 1987Brett N. Aamot photoFall 199023
Frank Lloyd Wright Designs of CNW DepotsBrian A. Spencer / Al VanderpoehlWinter 200314
Former CNW Right of Way to be Refurbished - Fitchburg to Evansville 2013Brian Allen / Pat Weeden / Fred Hyde1 20137
Mid-Continent Historical Society & RR Museum [ CNW ] Locomotive Class R-1 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #1385 Photo Waunakee Wisconsin 1982Brian Allen photoSummer 198313
Ex-CNW Commuter Depot Refurbished Lombard Illinois 2014Brian Berthold / Adam Eyring / North Western News3 201410
CNW Ceases Through Train Operations on its Own Right of Way Between Duluth / Superior and Chicago 1992Brian BuchananSummer 199518
CNW Begins Use of Refurbished Wisconsin Central Ltd. RR Connection between Adams and South Itasca 1995Brian BuchananSummer 199518
Chicago Area Interlocking Activities 2005Brian Carlson Ian Contreras George Van Durme4 20055 - 6
WSOR RR 25th Anniversary Celebration Madison Wisconsin 2005Brian Connolly / Noah Hofrichter4 200513
WSOR RR Operations Information 2005Brian Connolly / Noah Hofrichter4 200513
North Western Four / Warfield-Pratt-Howell Company Information Cedar Rapids 1910Brian Harp / Dave BaackSummer 19938
North Western Brand Flour Photo & InformationBrian Harp / Paul Swanson + Jim Yanke photoSpring 199311
Iowa River RR Operations 2013Brian Lage2 201310
Iowa River RR Removes Abandoned Trackage Steamboat Rock Iowa 2013Brian Lage / Dennis Holmes4 20138

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