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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Reliving the Route of the '400'Dennis HertrichWinter 199221 - 24
Relay Crews & Switch Engines Article of Personal Recollections by Robert A. Janz Vintage Rails Publication Winter 1996 pp. 74-77Greg Drawbaugh reviewerWinter 199610
Reiss Coal Dock Photo Escanaba Michigan 1924Frank Bourke collectionWinter 198410
Regional Transportation Authority [ RTA ] Undergoes Re-organization 1983Mark LluanzaFall 19836 - 7
Regional Transit Authority's Order of 24 EMD F40PH Locomotives Arrive 1983Michael W. BlaszakSpring 198312
Regional Transit Authority to Spend $17 Million on Refurbishing ex- CNW Bi-Level Commuter Cars 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19793
Regional Transit Authority to Rehabilitate 24.2 Miles of Right of Way in Chicago Area 1982Michael W. BlaszakSpring 19828
Regional Transit Authority to Improve Former CNW Depots in Chicago's Northern Suburbs 1983Michael W. BlaszakSummer 198337
Regional Transit Authority Takes Delivery of 22 EMD F40PH Locomotives 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198029 - 30
Regional Transit Authority Revises North Line Commuter Service Schedule during Edens Expressway Construction 1979Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19793 - 4
Regional Transit Authority Renumbering List of ex- CNW Locomotives 1979Max MarmonApril 197923
Regional Transit Authority Raises Fares Sharply 1983Michael W. BlaszakWinter 198327
Regional Transit Authority Proposes to Acquire CNW Commuter Equipment 1976Michael M. BartelsApril 19762
Regional Transit Authority Plans to Upgrade Depots @ Waukegan North Chicago & West Chicago 1983Michael W. BlaszakWinter 198327
Regional Transit Authority Plans to Rebuild & Repaint Series 500 ex- CNW EMD E-Units 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19753

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