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Dwight Remembers the C&NW Article Errata & Addendum for July 1975 pp. 6-11 October 19751 -
CNW [ex- Pullman] 10 Section - 1 Dwg Room - 2 Compartment Heavyweight Standard Sleeping Car Plan View + Elevation View + End Elevation View Drawing #3585 Railroad Model Craftsman April 1971October 197514 - 15
CNW Tower CK Photo w/ Approaching Freight Train Winona Minnesota 1976Raymond M. Jorgensen photoOctober 19753
CNW Locomotive Class E-4 4-6-4 #4004 Hudson Streamlined Photo Chicago 1938A. W. Johnson photo October 197520
CNW Dining Car #6933 Photo Council Bluffs Iowa 1959Lou Schmitz photoOctober 1975Front Cover
North Western Lines Publishes Using Offset Printing October 1975Joe FollmarOctober 1975Inside Front Cover
CNW Locomotive EMD SD9 #6613 Photo Oelwein Iowa 1974J. M. Gruber collectionOctober 19752
CNW Wrecks in NWL Discussion 19754Joe Piersen / Al Miller / Terry Timm / Joe FollmarOctober 19752
CNW Decorates EMD GP7 #1776 in Bi-Centennial Colors 1975Max MarmonOctober 19753
CNW Business Car #402 Photo Winona Minnesota 1975Don Rice photoOctober 19753
CNW Roster of EMD GP7 Locomotives Assigned to the Wisconsin Division 1975Max MarmonOctober 19753
CNW's 26 Remaining Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 Locomotives Sold to Precision National Corporation 1975Max MarmonOctober 19753
12 CNW Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives Stored @ Eland Wisconsin 1975Oakman MullenOctober 19753
4 CNW Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives Stored @ Antigo Wisconsin 1975Oakman MullenOctober 19753
CNW Locomotive EMD GP18 #1776 Short HistoryMichael W. BlaszakOctober 19753

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