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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive EMD E8 #5023 Damaged Photo Lake Geneva Wisconsin 1971Jay Lentzner photo4 201229
GCW Locomotive 2-6-2 Prairie #915 Photo Austin Minnesota 1930'sJim Rueber collection4 201230
CNW Depot Photo Hermansville Michigan 1914C. G. Stecher / CNWHS collection4 201231
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9M #602 Photo Vincent Iowa 1969CNWHS collection4 201231
The North Western's Original Geeps : Part 4 - Class of 1954 : #1711 - #1715Raymond M. Jorgensen4 201232 - 45
A Plethora of CNW Geeps Photo Nelson Illinois 1965Jim Boyd photo4 201232
CNW Locomtotive EMD GP9 #1714 Photo Dixon Illinois 1965Jim Boyd photo4 201233
CNW Specifications Sheet for EMD GP9 #1711 thru #1720CNW Document / CNWHS Archives4 201234
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #1711 w/ Passenger Train Photo Arlington Park Illinois 1954CNW photo4 201235
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #1711 Side View Photo Butler Wisconsin 1967Raymond M. Jorgensen4 201235
CNW Locomotive EMD GP89 #1711 Rear Quarter View Photo Glen Ellyn Illinois 1956Jim Shaw photo4 201236
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 # 1712 Side View Photo Clinton Iowa 1955Don Christensen photo / A. J. Wolf collection4 201236
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #1712 w/ Commuter Train Photo Bellewood Illinois 1961Jack Bailey photo4 201237
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #1712 w/ Commuter Train photo Glen Ellyn Illinois 1956Jim Shaw photo4 201238 - 39
CNW Locomotive EMD GP9 #1712 Body Shell and Trucks on Flat Car Photo Oelwein Iowa 1975Eugene M. Lewis photo4 201240

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