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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW All-Piggyback 'Falcon' Suspended due to Motive Power Shortage & Declining 'Falcon' Revenues 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 19795
CNW Sees Variety of Motive Power Beginning Mid-February 1979Max Marmon / C&NW News / Ron Sims / Bob Vicker / Chicago Tribune newspaoerApril 19795 & 30
CNW Moves Foreign Locomotives to Chrome Crankshaft Company in Chicago 1979Max MarmonApril 197930
CNW Replaces Westinghouse Traction Motors w/ EMD Units on BLW/EMD Road Switchers 1979Max MarmonApril 197930
CNW Schedules New Unit Coal Train Monterey Mine #1 to Madison Illinois 1979Max MarmonApril 197930
CNW's United Transportation Union Receives Temporary Restraining Order Regarding Crew Lay-Over Quarters Butler Wisconsin 1979Bob VickersApril 197930
CNW Marks New Hopper Cars w/ "M&StL RR" Lettering 1979Bob VickersApril 197930
CNW Amends Application to Federal RR Administration for Loan to Construct Powder River Basin Extension 1979C&NW NewsApril 197930 - 31
CNW Acquires 200 New Auto Rack Cars 1979C&NW NewsApril 197931
CNW Bi-Centennial EMD GP18 #1776 Repainted to CNW Yellow & Green Paint Scheme 1979Bob Vickers / Chuck Pfeiffer / Tom MackowiakApril 197931
CNW Lake Shore Division Merged w/ Wisconsin Division 16 March 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 197931
CNW Files to Abandon 33.8 Mile-long James Valley Junction to Redfield South Dakota Right of way 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 197931
CNW Authorized to Abandon 38.3 Mile-long Currie to Bingham Minnesota Right of Way 1979Michael W. BlaszakApril 197931
CNW Jordan Spreader #199490 Photo Janesville Subdivision 1979Glenn Oestreich photoApril 19795
Modeling a C&NW Crandall Cab E8B/A 1979William ConnallApril 19796 - 11

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