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Article Author Issue Page(s)
ICC Service Order #1462 Covers CNW's Temporary Authority to Operate ex- CRIP RR Rights of Way 1980CNW / ICCApril 19804 - 6
CNW Establishes Connection to ex- Chicago Rock Island & Pacific RR Trackage @ Short Line Junction Yard 01 April 1980CNW / ICCApril 19805 - 6
List of ex- CRIP RR Locomotives & Rolling Stock Offered to CNW via Lease 1980CNW / ICCApril 19806
CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Stops Accepting Shipments from Iowa & South Dakota Customers 29 February1980Max Marmon / Progressive Railroader magazineApril 19807
CNW Chicago Passenger Terminal Receives Reprieve from Demolition 7 April 1980Max Marmon / Progressive Railroader magazineApril 19807
CNW List of Repainted Motive Power Units Released from Oelwein Iowa Shops 1980Max MarmonApril 19807
CNW Oelwein Shops Rebuilding Experimental Locomotives w/ Cummins Diesel Prime Movers 1980Max Marmon / Progressive Railroader magazineApril 19807
Testing Report of Morrison-Knudsen Model TE50-AS Locomotives for CNW 1980Max Marmon / Progressive Railroader magazineApril 19807
CNW Renumber List ex- CONRAIL Motive Power Units 1980Max MarmonApril 19807 - 32
RTA to Decide on Fate of Former CNW EMD E-Units 1980Max MarmonApril 198032
CNW Leases 25 EMD GP40 Power Units from B&O & C&O RRs 1980Max MarmonApril 198032 - 34
CNW List of Leased CONRAIL Motive Power 1980Max MarmonApril 198032
CNW Returns Leased EMD Locomotives to CONRAIL 1980Max MarmonApril 198032
CNW List of Dead-Lined Locomotives @ Oelwein Iowa Shops 1980Kevin PennerApril 198032
CNW Issues Employee TimeTable #4 01 January 1980Kevin PennerApril 198032

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