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CGW Locomotive 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #506 Photo w/ Passenger Train St Paul Minnesota1948W. C. Whittaker photo1 201325
CGW Locomotive EMD F7PA #116A Photo w/ Passenger Train St Paul Minnesota 1953Harold K. Vollrath Photo1 201326
CGW State Street Yard Aerial View Photo St Paul Minnesota 1966John Gaertner photo1 201326
CGW Locomotive and Calf EMD SW1200? #66 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1960'sJohn Gaertner photo1 201327
Railroad Trackage Layout Map St Paul Minnesota 1951John Gaertner collection1 201327
CGW Locomotive BLW DS 4-4-1000 Switcher #32 Photo South St Paul Minnesota 1960'sJohn Gaertner photo1 201328
CGW Depot Photo South St Paul Minnesota 1964Jim Rueber collection1 201328
CGW Trackage and Grain Elevators Photo East Minneapolis Minnesota No DateJohn Gaertner photo1 201329
CGW Yard Office Photo East Minneapolis Minnesota 1952Rex Beach photo1 201329
CGW Locomotive EMD NW2 #26 Photo East Minneapolis Minnesota 1960'sJohn Gaertner photo1 201329
Railroad Trackage Layout Map Minneapolisl Minnesota 1951John Gaertner collection1 201330
CGW Locomotive EMD F7A #155 Photo @ Boom Island Turntable 1951Tim Straus photo1 201330
CGW Freight Train Photo Crossing CGW Lift Span Bridge St Paul 1960'sJohn Gaertner photo1 201331
CGW Locomoitve EMD NW2 #17 Photo w/ Baggage Car Minneapoliis Minnesota 1963A. Robert Johnson photo / Joe Follmar collection1 201332
CGW Locomotive EMD TR-2 Cow & Calf #65 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1958A. Robert Johnson photo1 201332

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