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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Cooperates w/ BN Ry Moving Coal from Rawhide Mine Wyoming 1980Kevin PennerJuly 19803 - 4
CNW Receives New EMD GP50 Locomotives April 1980Kevin PennerJuly 19804
CNW Locomotive EMD GP50 #5050 Photo Proviso Illinois 1980CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJuly 19804
CNW Closes 40th Street Yard Chicago June 1980Brian ykesJuly 19804
CNW Receives Temporary Authority to Operate ex- Chicago Rock Island & Pacific RR Rights of Way 1980Brian SykesJuly 19804
CNW Negotiates w/ CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] RY Concerning Trackage Consolidation 1980Brian SykesJuly 19805
RTA Continues its Commuter Equipment Refurbishing Program Chicago 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19805
RTA Unsatisfied with Operation of ex- Chicago Rock Island & Pacific RR Commuter Lines in Chicago 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19805 - 6
CNW Plans System - Wide Cleanup & Repainting Program Summer 1980C&NW HappeningsJuly 19806
CNW / UPY Awarded 4-year US Postal Service Contract Chicago to West Coast 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19806
Judge Richard Beddow Hears Case Against CNW Constructing Connector Line to Powder River Basin Coal Field Trackage 1980C&NW HappeningsJuly 19806
Texas Attorney General Voices Opposition to BN Ry Creating a Monopoly Moving Coal from Powder River Basin Coal Field 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19806
United Transportation Union Calls Strike Against CNW Over Crew Meal Break 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19806
CNW Receives $25.2 Million to Repair 2389 Freight Cars @ Clinton Iowa Shops 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19807
CNW Authorized to Abandon 26.6 Mile-long LaCrosse to Galesville Wisconsin Right of Way 1980Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19807

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