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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Uses Commuter Service Motive Power for Freight Service on Weekends 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198029
CNW Acquires 35 Locomotives EMD GP38-2 Originally Ordered by the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific RR 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198029
Regional Transit Authority Takes Delivery of 22 EMD F40PH Locomotives 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198029 - 30
CNW Oelwein Iowa Shops Design & Build Multi-Track Snow Plow from Retired Alco RSD-4 or RSD-5 Locomotrive 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198030
CNW Illinois River Bridge @ Pekin Illinois Damaged by Fire 1980North Western LimitedJanuary 198030
CNW Sangamon River Bridge Span Toppled by Train Wreck 1980North Western LimitedJanuary 198030
BN RR Newly Constructed Trackage to Powder River Basin Creates 2 New Geographic Locations : Fisher & Bridger Junctions 1980Raymond M. JorgensenJanuary 198030
ex-CNW Water Tank @ Lusk Wyoming Acquired by Niobara County Historical Society 1980Raymond M. JorgensenJanuary 198031
CNW Restores Mason City to Oelwein Iowa via Hampton Iowa Right of Way 1980Kevin PennerJanuary 198031
CNW to Rebuild Inter-City Bi-Level Commuter Cars at Beech Grove Indiana 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198031
Regional Transit Authority May Extend its Commuter Service from Racine to Milwaukee 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198031
Regional Transit Authority Considering Extending Skokie Swift Rapid Transit Line 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198031
CNW Net Income Statement 3rd Quarter 1979CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJanuary 198031
CNW Water Tank Photo Lusk Wyoming 1976Raymond M. Jorgensen photoJanuary 198031
CNW Files Complaint re: East St Louis Junction RR Being Entitled to Charge Per Diem on its Freight Equipment 1980Michael W. BlaszakJanuary 198031 - 32

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