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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 #1036 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1958A. Robert Johnson photo1 201332
CGW Locomotive EMD F3A #105C Photo St Paul Minnesota 1962Joe Piersen collection1 201333
Aerial View Photo CGW Yard and Facilities St Paul Minnesota 1947Ken Zurn Photo 1 201333
CGW Locomotive EMD NW2 #17 Photo Boom Island St Paul Minnesota 1963A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334
CGW Yard Office Photo East ST Paul Yard Minnesota 1969A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334
CGW Depot Photo South St Paul Minnesota 1964 01A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334
CGW Locomotive EMD TR-2 #66 Cow & Calf Photo East St Paul Minnesota 1974A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334 - 35
CGW Locomotive 4-6-2 Pacific #915 Photo ST Paul Minnesota 1947Ken Zurn Photo 1 201335
CGW Roundhouse and Surrounding Yard Facilities Photo St Paul Minnesota 1968A. Robert Johnson photo1 201336 - 37
CGW Locomotive EMD F5A #115A Photo w/ Freight Train St Paul Minnesota 1971CNWHS collection1 201338 - 39
CGW Locomotive EMD F5A #114A Photo at Cedar Lake Minnesota Yard 1967Jim Boyd photo1 201338
CGW Locomotive BLW 2-10-2 Santa Fe #800 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1947Ken Zurn Photo 1 201339
CGW Yard & Roundhouse Photo St Paul Minnesota 1966A. Robert Johnson photo1 201339
The Ball, The Bar, and The Badge - Evolution of the CNW LogoTim Meyer1 201340 - 49
CNW "System" Logo drawingCNW document / CNWHS Archives1 201340

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