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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Way Car Caboose #11153 on Permanent Display @ New London Wisconsin Historical Society & MuseumScott Sasse / Jim FordSpring 199322
CNW Alco Locomotives Based in Appleton Wisconsin 1983Scott Sasse / Bill WinklerSpring 198350
CNW Depot New London Photo Moved to New Location 1987Scott SasseFall 198712
CNW Financial Report Last One-Half of 1982Scott SasseWinter 19835
Baraboo Planners Meet to Discuss Restoration of CNW Depot 2016Scott Rogers4 201612 - 14
CNW Telltale Flycatcher Data w/ DrawingScott Roepke / North Western Newsletter1 20083 - 4
Elgin Illinois to Purchase Former CNW Right of Way 2000Scott NelsonSpring 200013
CNW Locomotive #6802 Photo Madison Illinois 1980Scott Muscopf photo4 200557
CNW Locomotive EMD SD45 #976 Photo Clyman Junction Tower Wisconsin 1981Scott Jenks photoSummer 199556
North Dock Warehouse on Fox River Green Bay Destroyed by Fire 1999Scott Janz / Jim ElbeSpring 199913
CNW Locomotive GE C44-9W #8729 Becomes UPY 9833 in 2005Scott Graham-White4 20056
CNW Locomotive GE C44-9W #8603 Becomes UPY #9668 in 2005Scott Graham-White4 20056
Construction Date for CNW Elevated Trackage ChicagoScott Albrecht / Roy BenedictFall 200216
CGW Depot of 1950's Freight Door Color SchemeScot Mason / Don VaughnSpring 199410
Chicago Great Western's "Deramus" Passenger StationsScot L. MasonFall 199852 - 67

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