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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Operations Green Bay Wisconsin 1974Oakman MullenApril 197413
CNW Operations Milwaukee Wisconsin 1974John SargentApril 197413
CNW Operations Central Division 1974Loren H. JohnsonApril 197413
CNW Operations Northwestern Wisconsin 1974Jim KaysenApril 197413
CNW Operations Cedar Rapids Iowa [Beverly Yard] 1974LaVerne AndreesenApril 197413 & 14
CNW Operations Baraboo Wisconsin Area 1974Mark CarlsonApril 197414
CNW Passenger Equipment Summary 1974Michael W. BlaszakApril 197414
CNW Operations Oelwein Iowa Shops 1974LaVerne AndreesenApril 197414
CNW Operations Minnesota 1974Loren H. JohnsonApril 197414
CNW Commuter Operations Chicago 1974Paul PoseyApril 197415
CNW Operations Springfield Minnesota 1974Alden MillerApril 197415
CNW Operations Lincoln Nebraska Area 1974Eric J. BachenbergApril 197415
CNW Locomotive Assignment Roster 01 January 1974Sparks & Cinders - Wisconsin Chapter of National Railway Historical Society February 1974April 197416 - 18
CNW Streamlined '400' Passenger Car Exterior Painting Striping & Lettering Drawing SK No. C-10073 [Revised 5-11-39] 1946CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesApril 197418 - Insert
CNW Iowa Division Main Line Trains 1974James AltigApril 197418 - 19

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