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An Illinois not-for-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the legacy of the C&NW and its predecessor roads since 1973.

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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Smart Sand Incorporated Released First Frac Sand Unit Train Byron Township Wisconsin 2017Charles Heraver / North Western Neews1 20188
Iowa Interstate RR 1909 Pig's Eye Bridge Sustained $500,000 Damage from Towboat Des Moines Iowa 2017John David Larson / North Western News1 20188
Ellis & Eastern RR Removes 5 Grade Crossings Sioux Falls South Dakota 2017Ed Elkins / North Western News1 20189
CNW Locomotive ALCO Class R1 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #175 Acquired by Steam Railroad Institute of Owosso Michigan 2018North Western News1 20188 - 9
Dakota Minnesota & Eastern / CP Ry Operations Details Winter 2017-2018Clair Downs / North Western News1 20189
CNWHS Encourages Regional MeetsJohn Berg1 20189
CNWHS Contributing Membership List 2018CNWHS Staff1 201810 - 11
What Do You Know Mystery Photo [2018:1] 1 201813
What Do You Know Mystery Photo [2017:4] Revealed CStPM&O Log Train New Dells Lumber Company Chippewa River Valley Shawtown Line Bridge Eau Claire WisconsinCraig Pfannkuche / Mike Lenzen1 201813
CNW Western Division PictorialBeb Eddy1 201814 - 17
CNW Freight Train & Scenic View Pine Ridge / Fort Robinson South DakotaSouth Dakota State Railroad Museum1 201814
CNW Locomotive EMD GP7R #4529 Photo Leading Train #PRBFA Black Hawk South Dakota 1988Bob Eddy Photo1 201815
Black Hills Central RR Locomotive #110 Photo No Location No DateRick Mills Photo1 201815
M&StL RR Caboose #1208 Photo No Location No DateRick Mills Photo1 201815
CNW Locomotive EMD G35 #852 Photo at Turrn Table Chadron Nebraska No DateBob Eddy Photo1 201816

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