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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Remembering the '400's'Bruce D. Williams3 201320 - 29
CNW Conductor Steve Timbers Boarding Twin Cities '400' Merrillan Wisconsin 1963A. Robert Johnson photo3 201320
CNW Locomotive EMD E7A #5015-A Photo w/ Twin Cities '400' Minneapolis Minnesota 1963CNWHS collection3 201321
CNW Twin Cities '400' Observatin Car Photo Altoona Wisconsin 1963CNWHS collection3 201322
CNW Map of Routes of '400' Trains No DateCNW document / CNWHS Archives3 201323
Last Run of the C&NW '400's' Article 1963Chicago Sun-Times newspaper3 201323
CNW Composite TimeTable #3 #3A #4 #5 & #7 for '400' Trains 1962CNW document / CNWHS Archives3 201324
CNW Tickets for '400' Milwaukee to Chicago 1963Bruce D. Williams3 201324
CNW Davis Street Station Photos Evanston Illinois 1963Bob Baumann & Bruce D Williams photos3 201325
CNW Train 516 Rochester '400' Photo Rochester Minnesota 1963CNWHS collection3 201326
CNW Locomotive EMD E7A #5015-A Photo w/ Twin Cities '400' Altoona Wisconsin 1963A. Robert Johnson photo3 201326
First '400' Dies Article 1963Chicago Daily News newspaper3 201327
CNW Twin Cities '400' Departing Milwaukee Wisconsin 1963Jim Scribbins photo3 201327
CNW Observation Car 401 Photo of Back End 1963Bruce D. Williams photo3 201327
CNW Locomotive E7A E5015-A Photo w/ Twin Cities '400' Adams Cutoff Wisconsi 1963Jim Scribbins photo3 201328

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