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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW "Weathered" Right of Way and Track Panoramic View Photo St Paul Minnesota 1976George LaPray Photo / Joe Piersen CollectionWinter 200419
CNW #1080 - 1081 - The Challenger Paint SchemeRay JorgensenSummer 199038
CNW #135709 4-Bay Open Top Hopper Car w/ BiCentennial Paint Scheme PhotoCNWHS2 201652
CNW #170000-series Covered Hopper InformationRay JorgensenSpring 200211 - 12
CNW #17500-Series Covered Hopper Drawing 1967CNWHS Archives3 200753
CNW #175000-Series Bentonite Covered Hopper Cars Plans Specification SheetJoe Piersen & Dave Phillips3 200752 - 59
CNW & UPYRR Modify Automatic Train Control "ATC" Gear in Locomotives 1983Kevin Penner / The Mixed TrainWinter 19839 - 10
CNW & BN RR Bicker Over Rights to Powder River Basin Coal Fields 1981Michael W. BlaszakApril 19817 & 34
CNW & CB&Q RR Railway Fares Onalaska Minneapolis & Chicago 1921Pocket Directory of Onalaska / Dick Johnson collection1 201422
CNW & CCStP&O Chart Depiciting Passenger Trains w/ Assigned Baggage & Mail Cars July 1930Ron Albers & Joe FollmarFall 199038
CNW & CN Ry Begin Implementation of Power & Caboose Pooling Arangement 1986Michael W. BlaszakSpring 19864
CNW & CStPM&O Passenger & Freight Traffic Chart Tama to St Paul & Elmore to St Paul 1882 - 1883Richard Steffen designer1 201442
CNW & CStPM&O RR Locomotive Class D 4-4-2 Atlantic PhotosLocomotive Quarterly magazine for Spring & Summer 1987Winter 19884
CNW & Federal Railroad Administration Operates Special Inspection Train St Paul to Kansas City 1984Michael W. BlaszakSpring 19843
CNW & Geneva Lake Area Joint Transit Commission Dicker of Price of CNW Right of Way between Ringwood Illinois & Lake Geneva Wisconsin 1981Michael W. BlaszakFall 198124

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