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Displaying 1666 - 1680 of 17748 entries.
Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Covered Hopper #175216 Photo [Model] 1979 - Modelers' CornerDennis Eggert photoJanuary 198026
CNW Ore Hopper Sand Car #113708 Photo [Model] 1979 - Modelers' CornerDennis Eggert photoJanuary 198026
Green Bay Name & Information 1980Jerry NeklewitzJanuary 19806
CNW vs AMTRAK 1980Steven J. BahnsenJanuary 19806
CNW Rotary Leslie Steam Snow Plow #12 Photo Minnesota 190'sMinnesota Historical Society collectionJanuary 198010
CNW Rotary Steam Snow Plow Side Elevation View and Front End Elevation View Drawing 1982Hol Wagner designerJanuary 198010
CNW Rotary Snow Plow Roster Series - 6401 - 6407 [Odd #'s] 1892CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJanuary 198010
CNW Leslie Rotary Snow Plow #12 Photo Sleepy Eye Minnesota 1909Minnesota Historical Society collectionJanuary 198011
CStPM&O Rotary Snow Plow #2705 [#R-200] Photo Randolph Nebraska 1949CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJanuary 198012
CStPM&O Rotary Snow Plow #2705 [#R200] Side Elevation Plan View & Front Elevation Plan View Drawing w/ TenderJoe Follmar designerJanuary 198012
CNW Rotary Snow Plow #6405 Photo at Work Belgium Wisconsin 1936M. T. Hovdet photoJanuary 198013
CNW [Milwaukee Lake Shore & Western RR] Grant Rotary Snow Plow #31 [#3105 & #"C"] Photo w/ Tender No Location No DateRay Buhrmaster collectionJanuary 198015
CNW Railway System Assignment of Snow Fighting Equipment for 1948 - 1949CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJanuary 198015
CNW Rotary Snow Plow #6405 Photo Escanaba Michigan 1917CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJanuary 198018
CNW Crew Filling Tender of Rotary Snow Plow #6401 No Location 1948Chuck Weart collectionJanuary 198018

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