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Displaying 1681 - 1695 of 17561 entries.
Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW & UPY Combine Operations @ Council Bluffs Iowa 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199318
CNW Coal Loadings Surge @ First Quarter of 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199318
CNW Moves Unit Coal Trains for Com Ed Generation Station Powerton Illinois 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199319
CNW Wins Contract to Move Coal for Central Illinois Light Company Sommer Illinois 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199319
CNW Gets Georgia Power Company's Contract to Move Coal for that Power Company 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199319
CNW May Acquire GM SD70 Locomotives in 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199319
CNW Freight Service Changes & Notes 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199321
C&NW Holdings Corporation Reports $114.9 Million Loss for 1992C&NW HappeningsSpring 199321
Fox River Valley RR Locomotives Prevented from Operating on CNW Trackage 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199322
DM&E RR Files for Abandonment of 39.7 Miles of Sioux Valley Junction to Watertown South Dakota 1993C&NW HappeningsSpring 199323
Escanaba & Lake Superior RR is Real Operator of Stiles - Oconto Falls Wisconsin SpurC&NW HappeningsSpring 199323
CNW to Purchase 12 GE C44-9W Locomotives in 1993C&NW HappeningsSummer 199312
CNW to Install Locotrol in 3 GE C40-8 Locomotives [#8550 - #8552] in 1933C&NW HappeningsSummer 199312 - 13
CNW - UPY Awarded 15-Year Contract for Wyoming Coal Movements to Ohio Valley Electric Corporation @ Barge Transloading Facility in Southern Illinois 1993C&NW HappeningsSummer 199316 - 17
METRA Commuter Service Activities & Notes 1993C&NW HappeningsSummer 199317

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