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Displaying 1696 - 1710 of 17748 entries.
Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW & UPY Team Up for Coal Move Powder River Basin 1990Tom KrawczykowskiSpring 199014
CNW '400' Assigned Car Diaphram & Skirt InformationLarry Hochhalter / Jeffrey KoellerWinter 19926
CNW '400' Brochure Front Covers 1959 & 1961Robert Banke collectionWinter 1998103
CNW '400' Brochure: "Setting the Pace for the World"John Malven collectionWinter 1998103
CNW '400' Club Car Color Advertisement w/ Pittsburgh Paints Artwork 1946The Railway Age magazine / CNWHS Archives3 200543
CNW '400' Depicted on Colored Post Card Chicago 1935Cedric J. Peterson collectionWinter 1998103
CNW '400' Last Run Photo Altoona Wisconsin No DateA. Robert Johnson photo2 200826
CNW '400' Locomotive Signage Information ChartRailway Age Gazette 21February1935Winter 198528
CNW '400' Observation Car #???? Chicago 1935A. W. Johnson photo April 197920
CNW '400' Passenger Car Interior View Photos ca. 1946Pullman Company photosOctober 19769
CNW '400' Passenger Car Lettering & Painting Diagram SK #C-10073 11-46-1946CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesOctober 197612
CNW '400' Passenger Cars by Nickel Plate Company : Model July 197514
CNW '400' Passenger Train Photo Crossing Stone Arch Bridge St Paul Minnesota 1935Robert Graham photo / Joe Follmar collectionSummer 199540
CNW '400' Photo @ Stone Arch Bridge St Anthony Falls Minnesota 1935Robert Graham photoWinter 198510
CNW '400' Photo Leaving Chicago 1935A. W. Johnson photo Winter 19859

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