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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Iowa Northern Ry Hawkeye Express Passenger Cars Photo Waterloo Iowa 2013Steve Jessup photo3 201319
The Teaching TrainBruce D. Williams3 201320 - 29
Remembering the '400's'Bruce D. Williams3 201320 - 29
CNW Conductor Steve Timbers Boarding Twin Cities '400' Merrillan Wisconsin 1963A. Robert Johnson photo3 201320
CNW Locomotive EMD E7A #5015-A Photo w/ Twin Cities '400' Minneapolis Minnesota 1963CNWHS collection3 201321
CNW Twin Cities '400' Observatin Car Photo Altoona Wisconsin 1963CNWHS collection3 201322
CNW Map of Routes of '400' Trains No DateCNW document / CNWHS Archives3 201323
Last Run of the C&NW '400's' Article 1963Chicago Sun-Times newspaper3 201323
CNW Composite TimeTable #3 #3A #4 #5 & #7 for '400' Trains 1962CNW document / CNWHS Archives3 201324
CNW Tickets for '400' Milwaukee to Chicago 1963Bruce D. Williams3 201324
CNW Davis Street Station Photos Evanston Illinois 1963Bob Baumann & Bruce D Williams photos3 201325
CNW Train 516 Rochester '400' Photo Rochester Minnesota 1963CNWHS collection3 201326
CNW Locomotive EMD E7A #5015-A Photo w/ Twin Cities '400' Altoona Wisconsin 1963A. Robert Johnson photo3 201326
First '400' Dies Article 1963Chicago Daily News newspaper3 201327
CNW Twin Cities '400' Departing Milwaukee Wisconsin 1963Jim Scribbins photo3 201327

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