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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW to Activate 25 Leased Chicago Rock Island & Pacific RR EMD GP35 Locomotives to Cover Grain Harvest Season 1980Max MarmonOctober 19804
CNW Returns its Existing EMD F-units to Service for Grain Harvest 1980Kevin PennerOctober 19804
CNW Oelwein Iowa Shops to Rebuild EMD GP7's & GP9's 1980Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19804
CNW Roster Assignment of Alco Motive Power 1980Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19805
CNW Operations of Alco Line 1980Max MarmonOctober 19805 & 35
CNW Retires BLW/EMD V0-1000m #1041 1980Max MarmonOctober 198035
CNW Retires BLW/EMD S12m #1078 1980Max MarmonOctober 198035
CNW ex-Chicago Rock Island & Pacific RR Minneapolis to Kansas City Service Established 1980Kevin Penner / Jim HackneyOctober 198035
CNW Operations in Eau Claire Wisconsin Area 1980D. A. SchultzOctober 198035
CNW Ends Passenger Service Richmond to McHenry Illinois 1980Max MarmonOctober 198035
CNW Repaints Locomotives to Regional Transit Authority Color Scheme 1980Max MarmonOctober 198035
CNW Develops HE-15 Locomotives [EMD Geeps w/ Cummins Prime Movers] 1980Michael W. BlaszakOctober 198035 - 36
CNW Announces Produce Traffic Increased by 33% First 5 Months of 1979Terry Timm / Kevin PennerOctober 198036
CNW Awaits Decision on Application to Construct Powder River Basin Wyoming Connector RR 1980Kevin Penner / Terry TimmOctober 198036
CNW - Wisconsin Electric Power Company Pleasant Prairie Coal Train Data 1980Kevin Penner / Terry TimmOctober 198036

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