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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Oelwein Shops Rebuilding Experimental Locomotives w/ Cummins Diesel Prime Movers 1980Max Marmon / Progressive Railroader magazineApril 19807
Testing Report of Morrison-Knudsen Model TE50-AS Locomotives for CNW 1980Max Marmon / Progressive Railroader magazineApril 19807
CNW Renumber List ex- CONRAIL Motive Power Units 1980Max MarmonApril 19807 - 32
RTA to Decide on Fate of Former CNW EMD E-Units 1980Max MarmonApril 198032
CNW Leases 25 EMD GP40 Power Units from B&O & C&O RRs 1980Max MarmonApril 198032 - 34
CNW List of Leased CONRAIL Motive Power 1980Max MarmonApril 198032
CNW Returns Leased EMD Locomotives to CONRAIL 1980Max MarmonApril 198032
CNW List of Dead-Lined Locomotives @ Oelwein Iowa Shops 1980Kevin PennerApril 198032
CNW Issues Employee TimeTable #4 01 January 1980Kevin PennerApril 198032
CNW Realizes $3 Million Profit for 1979Kevin PennerApril 198032
Regional Transit Authority Commuter Car Refurbishing Continues at CNW California Street Shops 1980Kevin PennerApril 198032
All Parts in Place for Extension of CNW Commuter Service to Racine Wisconsin 1980Michael W. BlaszakApril 198032
CNW Locates Financing for Powder River Basin Coal Extension Right of Way 1980CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesApril 198032 - 33
CNW Closes Depot Stephenson Michigan 1980Stevenson Herald-Leader newspaperApril 198033
CNW Obtains New Grain Customer Crookston Nebraska 1980Omaha World-Herald newspaperApril 198033

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