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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Illinois Central RR Abandons St Louis to Springfield Illinois Right of Way 1980C&NW HappeningsJanuary 198145
Illinois Central RR Abandons Trackage Rights on CNW Madison to Glen Carbon Right of Way 1980C&NW HappeningsJanuary 198145
Iowa Railroad Company Mention 1982C&NW HappeningsSummer 198221
Minnesota Valley Transportation Company Operates ex- CNW TrackageC&NW HappeningsSpring 19845 - 6
Hillsboro & North Eastern RR to be Isolated by CNW Planned Abandonment of Elroy to Camp Douglas Segment of Elroy SubDivision 1985C&NW HappeningsSummer 198546
Wisconsin & Calumet [WICT] RR Offer to Acquire CNW Reedsburg to Camp Douglas Right of Way Rejected by ICC 1986C&NW HappeningsWinter 198610
CNW Riverton to Shobon Wyoming Right of Way Sold to Bad Water Line RR 1988C&NW HappeningsFall 198818
Northeast Iowa Gathering Lines Inc [ SIGLI ] Seeks to Acquire CNW Allendorf to Sibley RIght of Way 1989C&NW HappeningsWinter 198915
Iowa Traction Line RY Operates ex- CNW & M&StL RR Trackage Near Mason City 1988C&NW HappeningsWinter 198815
Buffalo Ridge Regional Rail Authority Acquires 42 Mile Long ex- CNW Right of Way Agate MN to Sioux Falls SD January 1989C&NW HappeningsSpring 198910 - 11
Buffalo Ridge Regional RR a subsidiary of the Minnesota Valley RR 1989C&NW HappeningsSpring 198910 - 11
Sweetman Construction Company acquires 7 Mile long Western-most Portion of ex- CNW Agate MN to Sioux Falls SD Right of Way 1989C&NW HappeningsSummer 198810 - 11
CNW Sells its 400 Freight Services Trucking Brokerage to 400 Express Trucking Company & John Arens 1989C&NW HappeningsSpring 198913
North West Iowa Gathering Lines Inc Agrees to Maintain the ex- CNW Sibley to Allendorf Iowa RIght of Way 1989C&NW HappeningsSummer 198920
North Central Railway Association Purchases 27 Mile Long ex CNW Steamboat Rock - Hampton Iowa Trackage 198C&NW HappeningsFall 198912

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