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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Nebkota RY Receives EMD F9A & FP7A Locomotives 1994Rick Mills / Michael M. Bartels / The Short LineWinter 199519
Nebkota RY Receives Deed to 73.5 Miles of ex- CNW Cowboy Line [Merriman to Chadron] 1994C&NW Happenings / Michael M. Bartels / Jim SeacrestSpring 199420
Nebkota RY Operations 1998Michael W. BlaszakWinter 199813
Nebkota RY Operates First Revenue Train over ex- CNW Cowboy Line 1994Bob Eddy / Michael M. Bartels / Jim SeacrestSummer 199419 - 20
Nebkota RY Locomotives #54 & # 55 Photo Crawford Nebraska 1994Rick Mills photoWinter 199519
Nebkota RY Locomotive Identifications 2000Raymond M. JorgensenFall 200015
Nebkota RY Locomotive EMD SD9 #614 w/ Train Photo Chadron Nebraska 2011Rick Mills photo1 201219
Nebkota RY Expresses Interest in Handling [ @ Chadron ] Bad-Order Cars Crawford to ChadronMichael M. BartelsSummer 199617
Nebkota RY Executive Locomotives EMD F7's Moved to CP RY 1998Dick WilsonSpring 199819
Nebkota RY Excursion Train Activity 2004 Summer 20047
Nebkota RY Dinner Train Information 2005Raymond M. Jorgensen4 200510
Nebkota RY Activity Summer 2007Michael M. Bartels3 200715
Nebkota RY Activities 2007Michael M. Bartels2 20079
Nebkota RY Activities 2007 1 20089
Nebkota RR Locomotive EMD GP7R #49 Photo @ Turntable Chadron Nebraska 1995Rick Mills photo3 201543

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