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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Locomotive Motive Power Locomotive ListMax MarmonJuly 197515
CNW '400' Passenger Cars by Nickel Plate Company : Model July 197514
CStPM&O Locomotive BLW 4-4-0 American Standard #34 Photo 1906J. Foster Adams photo / Wisconsin Historical Society collectionJuly 197531
Antigo . . . 55 Minutes to Lunch Article ErrataDick StrusserJuly 19752
CNW Locomotive Class E-4 4-6-2 Pacific #???? Photo @ Locomotive Service Facilities Beverly Iowa 1950Lloyd Keyser photoJuly 197514
CNW Personnel Assisting Mother & Baby Boarding Parlor Car #2928 Ames Iowa 1917W. P. Feret collectionJuly 197519
CNW May Host Illinois Gubernatorial Campaign Train 1976Michael W. BlaszakJuly 19753
CNW Depot Dwight Nebraska No DateEric J. Bachenberg photoJuly 19751
CNW Locomotive EMD GP7 #1661 Photo Delivering Last Car to Novacek Elevator Dwight Nebraska 1962Eric J. Bachenberg photoJuly 1975Front Cover
CNW Depot Photos Beaver Crossing Nebraska No DateNebraska Historical SocietyJuly 1975Rear Cover
North Western Lines, Inc. Constitution 31 May 1975NWL Board of DirectorsJuly 19752 - 3
American Freedom Train Movement Chicago to Green Bay Wisconsin 1975Max MarmonJuly 19754
AMTRAK Intercity Service to Wisconsin & Illinois Doubtful 1975Max MarmonJuly 19754
CNW Files to Abandon 89.4 Miles of Gillett Wisconsin to Scott Lake Michigan Right of Way 1975Milwaukee Journal newspaper 13 April 1975July 1975
CNW Maintenance of Way Equipment Paint Schemes 1975William EleyJuly 19754

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