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Article Author Issue Page(s)
Winona & St Peter RR Locomotive Smith & Jackson 4-4-0 American Standard #3 Photo Stockton Hill Iowa 1964W. E. Tenney photo / Minnesota Historical SocietyWinter 199624
Winona & St Peter RR Locomotive Rogers 4-4-0 #5 "Owatonna" American Standard Photo No Location 1860'sAndreas collectionWinter 199623
Winona & St Peter RR Locomotive Rhode Island 4-4-0 American Standard #16 Photo Rock Quarry No Location No DateMinnesota Historical Society collectionWinter 199627
Winona & St Peter RR List of Equipment Purchased with Proceeds of Minnesota Land Grant Moneys 1893 - 1895CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesSpring 199611
Winona & St Peter RR Land Grant Map ?1862?Joe Follmar collectionWinter 199625
Winona & St Peter RR Depot Scene Winona Minnesota 1919Winona County Historical Society collectionWinter 199030
Winona & St Peter RR Depot Photo St Peter Minnesota 1919CNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesWinter 199629
Winona & St Peter RR Cuts Fills & Trestle Work Photos 1911Joe Follmar collectionWinter 199626
Winona & St Peter RR Crews Shovelling Snow Photo Sleepy Eye Minnesota 1880-1881CNWHS collection4 200731
Winona & St Peter RR Construction Train Photo No Location No DateBlue River Productions collectionWinter 199624
Winona & St Peter RR Boxcar #7180 Photo in New Condition w/ Ball Bar and Badge Logos No DateArt Griffin collection1 201343
Winona & St Peter RR - CNW RR Abandonment Map 1981 - 1993CNWHS StaffWinter 199655
Winona & St Peter Boxcar [Model] #7180 Photo 2004Kestutis Sonta photoFall 200433
Winona & Southwestern Yard Photo Altura Minnesota No DateJim Gensmer collectionWinter 200029
WInona & Southwestern Trestle Photo w/ 4-4-0 Locomotive Bear Creek 1897Minnesota Historical SocietyWinter 200020

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