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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Depot West Point Nebraska Moved from Original Site 1975Eric J. BachenbergJuly 19755
CNW Depot Becomes Residence Lake City Iowa No DateWorld Herald newspaper Omaha NebraskaJuly 19755
CNW Acquires New Cabooses Way Cars Series #11201 - #11210 1975Max MarmonJuly 19755
CNW Begins Operation of St Louis Junction RR via Lease 1975Max MarmonJuly 19755
CNW EMD E-Unit Disposition & Information1975Zenon Hansen / Oakman Mullen / Ed SelinskyJuly 19755
CNW Double-Heads Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 Locomotives Oconto Falls Wisconisin William EleyJuly 19755
CNW Depot East Elevation View + South Elevation View + West Elevation VIew + Plan View Drawing Dwight Nebraska 1975Eric J. Bachenberg designerJuly 19757
CNW Depot Photo East Elevation Dwight Nebraska 1975Eric J. Bachenberg photoJuly 19758
Fremont Elkhorn & Missouri Valley RR [FE&MVRR] History : Dwight Remembers the C&NWEric J. BachenbergJuly 19756 - 11
CNW Depot Photo West Elevation Dwight Nebraska 1975Eric J. Bachenberg photoJuly 19758
CNW Depot Closure Dates ex- Fremont Elkhorn & Missouri Valley [FE&MV] RR 1924 - 1959Eric J. BachenbergJuly 197510
CNW Retires 8 Alco Locomotives w/ 539 Prime Movers 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512
CNW Retires Last Loewy-Designed Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 Locomotive 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512
CNW Phases Out EMD SW-Units 600 - 800 Hp 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512
CNW Locomotives GP30 + Booster [Slug] Units Re-Arranged 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512

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