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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW Phases Out EMD SW-Units 600 - 800 Hp 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512
CNW Locomotives GP30 + Booster [Slug] Units Re-Arranged 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512
CNW Proposes Rebuild of EMD GP9 Locomotives 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512
CNW Motive Power Roster 1975Max MarmonJuly 197512 - 13
CNW Map Nebraska Right of Way Sales & Abandonments West of Fremont & Lincoln NebraskaNo CitationJuly 1975Inside Front Cover
C&NW Motive Power Roster Including Units Represented by HO Scale Models : Part IIIDennis V. BluntJuly 197515 - 16
The Great Smoke Box IncidentAl Frese / Dennis BluntJanuary 19755 - 6
Iron Ore Docks of C&NWPatrick C. DorinJanuary 19759 - 13
CNW Passenger Cars Purchased by AMTRAK 1974Michael BlaszakJanuary 197514
CNW Rotary Snow Plow #6401 Photo w/ Tender Huron South Dakota No DateCNW Document / CNWHS ArchivesJanuary 197519
CNW Commoditrain Moves Sand from South Beloit to Chicago User 1976 - 1977North Western NewsJanuary 19754
CNW Way Car Caboose Series #11400 - #11451 Elevation View & End View Drawing 1919CNW Document / Robert A. Janz collectionJanuary 1975
CNW Locomotive EMD GP7 Oelwein Iowa Shops Rebuild Overhead & Side Elevation View Drawings 1976Dennis Eggert designerJanuary 197510 - 11
CNW Locomotive EMD GP7 #4315 Oelwein Iowa Shops Rebuild Overhead Cab View Photo 1975Dennis Eggert photoJanuary 197514
CNW Locomotive CNW-Built Class B-1 4-4-0 American Standard #375 Photo No Location No DateTed Schnepf collectionJanuary 1975Front Cover

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