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Article Author Issue Page(s)
8 CNW Locomotives Fairbanks-Morse Stored @ Hampton Avenue Siding Milwaukee Wisconsin 1975Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19753
CNW Locomotives BLW VO 1000 w/ EMD Prime Movers Assigned to Clinton Iowa 1975Michael W. BlaszakOctober 19753 & 16
CNW Continues to Pool Motive Power w/ UPY on Unit Coal Trains 1975Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197516
Freedom Train Locomotive Restricted from Movement Beyond Proviso Yard Illinois 1975Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197516
CNW Maintains Locomotive Service Facility @ South Pekin Illinois for Nelson Illinois to St Louis Right of Way 1975Michael W. BlaszakOctober 197516
CNW Kenosha - Based Fairbanks-Morse H-12-44 Switching Locomotives Replaced by EMD GP7's 1975Terry TimmOctober 197516
Ex- CNW Overland Route Club Cars [#553 & #555] Rebuilt by Auto-Liner Company Omaha Nebraska 1975Terry TimmOctober 197516
Ex- CNW Dining Car #6953 Becomes Lake Geneva Wisconsin Restaurant 1975Jim LewnardOctober 197516
CNW Parlor Car #6700 Repainted & Donated to Lake Superior Museum of Transportation Duluth Minnesota 1975CNW Employee NewsOctober 197516
CNW Fairchild - Mondovi Right of Way Service Ceased June 1975Larid Ross / Neil NowakOctober 197516
CNW Cuts Back Commuter Service to Lake Geneva Wisconsin 1975Max MarmonOctober 197516 - 17
CNW Files to Abandon 20.8 Mile-long Dike to Kesley Iowa Right of Way 1975Terry TimmOctober 197517
CNW Files to Abandon 29.6 Mile-long Minerva Junction to Roland Iowa Right of Way 1975Terry TimmOctober 197517
Great Plains RR Suspends Service 15 April 1975Michael M. BartelsOctober 197517
CNW Roster of Boxcars @ 26,921 Effective 01 January 1975Terry TimmOctober 197517

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