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Soo Line Caboose #32 Photo at Deval Illinois Tower 1978Michael W. Blaszak Photo3 201737
Soo Line Locomotive EMD SD40-2 #759 Photo Leading Southern Railway Locomotive EMD SD24 #633 & Freight Train Deval Tower Illinois1978Michael W. Blaszak Photo3 201737
CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] Locomotive EMD GP40 #2000 Photo Leding #2045 & Freight Train on New Line Des Plaines Illinois 1976Michael W. Blaszak Photo3 201738
CNW Locomotive EMD F7A #411 Photo in Five Unit Lash-Up Des Plaines Illinois Coach Yard 1973Michael W. Blaszak Photo3 201738
CMStP&P [Milwaukee Road] Locomotive EMD FP7 #100-C Photo Leading Auto Train New Line Des Plaines Illinois 1973Michael W. Blaszak Photo3 201739
CNW Locomotive EMD GP35 #831 Photo Leading Auto Train Des Plaines Illinois 1973Michael W. Blaszak Photo3 201739
CNW Deval Tower Illinois Photo w/ Passing Freight TrainMichael W. Blaszak Photo3 201740 - 41
B&O Locomotive EMD GP30 #3503 Photo Leading Freight Train Deval Tower Illinois 1978Michael W. Blaszak Photo3 201741
CNW Depot Photo Tracy Minnesota 1927John L. Barriger III National Library Collection3 201742
Thomas W. Jackson Publishing Company Trade AdvertisementRichard Steffen Collection3 201743
CNW System TimeTable 1927 CNW Document / Richard Steffen Collection3 201744
CNW Partial System Map Depicting Western Trackage 1927CNW Document / Richard Steffen Collection3 201745
CNW Depot Photo Volga South Dakota 1923?Richard Steffen Collection3 201746
Clipper Lawn Mower Company DIxon Illinois Advertisement No DateRichard Steffen Collection3 201747
J. S. Williams Company Shaving Equipment Advertisement No DateRichard Steffen Collection3 201747

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