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CNW Wells Road Overpass Photo Eau Claire Wisconsin 1980A. Robert Johnson photo2 200862
CNW Locomotive BLW VO 660 #1241 Photo Altoona Wisconsin 1980A. Robert Johnson photo3 200816
CNW Locomotive BLW VO 660 #1244 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1976A. Robert Johnson photo3 200828
Auto Carrier TOFC Photo Altoona Wisconsin 1961A. Robert Johnson photo2 201010
CNW Locomotive EMD GP-7 #1550 Photo Eau Claire Wisconsin 1978A. Robert Johnson photo3 201132 - 33
CNW Locomotive EMD GP-7 #1538 w/ Freight Train Photo Altoona Wisconsin 1965A. Robert Johnson photo3 201135
CNW Locomotive Alco RSD-5 #1690 w/ Green Paint Scheme Photo La Crosse Wisconsin 1962A. Robert Johnson photo3 201160
CNW Locomotive EMD GP15-1 w/ Jordan Spreader Photo Eau Claire Wisconsin 1982A. Robert Johnson photo4 201122
CNW Locomotive EMD GP7 #1576 w/ Freight Train Photo Hudson Wisconsin 1964A. Robert Johnson photo4 201128 - 29
CNW Locomotive EMD GP7 #1633 Photo Eau Claire Wisconsin 1979A. Robert Johnson photo3 201260
CGW Locomotive EMD TR-2 Cow & Calf #65 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1958A. Robert Johnson photo1 201332
CNW Locomotive Fairbanks-Morse H-10-44 #1036 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1958A. Robert Johnson photo1 201332
CGW Locomotive EMD NW2 #17 Photo Boom Island St Paul Minnesota 1963A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334
CGW Yard Office Photo East ST Paul Yard Minnesota 1969A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334
CGW Depot Photo South St Paul Minnesota 1964 01A. Robert Johnson photo1 201334

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