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Article Author Issue Page(s)
CNW RPO Baggage - Mail Car #8687 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1959A. Robert Johnson photoSpring 199156
CNW Business Car #401 Photo Eau Claire Wisconsin 1961A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 199025
CNW Conductor Steve Timbers Boarding Twin Cities '400' Merrillan Wisconsin 1963A. Robert Johnson photo3 201320
CNW Locomotive EMD E7A #5015-A Photo w/ Twin Cities '400' Altoona Wisconsin 1963A. Robert Johnson photo3 201326
M&StL Caboose Way Car #1122 Photo No Location 1960'sA. Robert Johnson photoSummer 198841
CGW South St Paul State Street Yard Wide Angle Photo No DateA. Robert Johnson photoWinter 1986Front Cover
CNW Twin Cities '400' Photo St Paul Minnesota 1985A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198619
CNW Locomotive Class E-3 4-6-2 Pacific #602 Photo Leading Train #515 1945A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198620
CNW Passenger Train The Nightingale #202 Photo St Paul Minnesota No DateA. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198622
CNW Locomotive Class E 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler #501 Photo Leading Passenger Train Minneapolis Minnesota 1945A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198625
CNW Locomotive 0-6-0 Switcher #63 Photo St Paul Minnesota 1955A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198627
CNW Passenger Train Photo Eastbound '400' @ Stone Arch Bridge St Anthony's Falls 1950'sA. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198628
CNW [ CStPM&O ] Passenger Train Photo #204 St Paul Minnesota 1959A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198629
M&StL Locomotive EMD GP9 #711 Photo Cedar Lake Minnesota 1961A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198630
M&StL Locomotive EMD F7A #407 Photo Cedar Falls Minnesota 1960A. Robert Johnson photoWinter 198630

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